Gonglab’s 2021 Annual Summing-up Meeting was held today!

Gonglab’s 2021 annual summing-up meeting was held from January 8, 2022 to January 9, 2022. The winners of 2021 are: Scientific research Idea Fountain: Xin Chang (PhD), Gong Zhang (PhD) Logic Talent: Wanyu Deng (PhD), Zheyuan Ding (PhD), Hongbo Song (Master) Science Master: Jiachen Sun (PhD), Jia Yu (PhD), Chenggong Jiang (Master), Shixuan Zhao (Master) […]

Our paper on copper films for CO2 electroreduction has been featured on Catalysis!

Tuning the facet exposure of Cu could promote the multi-carbon (C2+) products formation in electrocatalytic CO2 reduction. Here we report the design and realization of a dynamic deposition-etch-bombardment method for Cu(100) facets control without using capping agents and polymer binders. The synthesized Cu(100)-rich films lead to a high Faradaic efficiency of 86.5% and a full-cell electricity […]