13 New Group Members!!!

We are excited to welcome 13 new graduate students to the Energy and Environmental Catalysis Group. They are Wanyu Deng, Shijia Feng, He Li, Kang Li, Sier Sang, Jimin Song, Guishuo Wang, Qi Wang, Yanan Wang, Yihe Wang, Chuanye Xiong, Piaoping Yang, and Wenjin Zhu. Welcome!

Xiaoxia’s Work on is Highlighted by Materials Views.

Xiaoxia’s work on “Stable Aqueous Photoelectrochemical CO2 Reduction by Cu2O Dark Cathode with Improved Selectivity for Carbonaceous Products“ is highlighted by Materials Views. Highlighted by Materials Views: “Turning Greenhouse Gas to Valuable Carbonaceous Products in High Yield,” May 27, 2016.