Rentao Mu
Associate Professor
TEL: +86-22-27404472

Education and Introduction

Rentao Mu (慕仁涛) received his BS (Chemistry, 2006) from Shandong Normal University and PhD (Physical Chemistry, 2012) from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS. Dr. Mu’s research interest in the molecular-level understanding of correlation between the structure and catalytic performance in heterogeneous catalysis, by employing surface science techniques and in-situ characterizations.

Work Experience

2012.6-2012.10, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, Researcher
2012.11-2015, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA, PostDoc
2015-present, Tianjin University, School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Associate Professor

Research Interests

[1] Fundamental studies of heterogeneous catalysis
[2] Surface chemistry of bimetallic catalysts, oxide thin film, and graphene
[3] In-situ and dynamic characterization of surface and interface catalysis
[4] Development of surface science equipment

Selected Awards

[1] 2013年度中国科学院优秀博士学位论文
[2] 2012年中国科学院院长奖(优秀)
[3] 2011-2012中国科学院研究生院优秀毕业生

Selected Publications

[1] Rentao Mu,# David C. Cantu,# Vassiliki-Alexandra Glezakou, Igor Lyubinetsky, Roger Rousseau,* and Zdenek Dohnalek,* Deprotonated Water Dimers: The Building Blocks of Segmented Water Chains on Rutile RuO2(110), (Cover Story) J. Phys. Chem. C, 2015, 119, 23552-23558
[2] Rentao Mu, Qiang Fu,* Xiaoguang Guo, Xuejun Xu, Dali Tan and Xinhe Bao,* A comparative study in structure and reactivity of “FeOx-on-Pt” and “NiOx-on-Pt” catalysts,(邀稿) Sci. China Chem. 2015, 58, 162-168
[3] Rentao Mu,# David C. Cantu,# Xiao Lin, Vassiliki-Alexandra Glezakou, Zhitao Wang, Igor Lyubinetsky, Roger Rousseau,* and Zdenek Dohnalek,* Dimerization Induced Deprotonation of Water on RuO2(110), J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 2014, 5, 3445-3550
[4] Yunxi Yao, Qiang Fu,* YY Zhang, Xuefei Weng, Huan Li, Mingshu Chen, Li Jin, Aiyi Dong, Rentao Mu, Peng Jiang, Li Liu, Hendrik Bluhm, Zhi Liu, SB Zhang, and Xinhe Bao, Graphene cover-promoted metal-catalyzed reactions, PNAS, 2014, 48, 17023-17028
[5] Danda P Acharya, Yeohoon Yoon, Zhenjun Li, Zhenrong Zhang, Xiao Lin, Rentao Mu, Long Chen, Bruce D Kay, Roger Rousseau,* and Zdenek Dohnalek,* Site-Specific Imaging of Elemental Steps in Dehydration of Diols on TiO2(110), ACS nano, 2013, 11, 10414-10423
[6] Rentao Mu, Qiang Fu,* Li Jin, Liang Yu, Guangzong Fang, Dali Tan and Xinhe Bao,* Visualizing Chemical Reactions Confined Under Graphene, Angew. Chem. Int. Edit., 2012, 51, 4856-4859
[7] Li Jin, Qiang Fu, Hui Zhang, Rentao Mu, Yanhong Zhang, Dali Tan and Xinhe Bao, Tailoring the Growth of Graphene on Ru(0001) via Engineering of the Substrate Surface, J. Phys. Chem. C, 2012, 116, 2988-2993
[8] Rentao Mu, Qiang Fu,* Hong Xu, Hui Zhang, Yuying Huang, Zhen Jiang, Shuo Zhang, Dali Tan and Xinhe Bao,* Synergetic Effect of Surface and Subsurface Ni Species at Pt-Ni Bimetallic Catalysts for CO Oxidation, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2011, 133, 1978-1986
[9] Rentao Mu, Xiaoguang Guo, Qiang Fu* and Xinhe Bao,* Oscillation of Surface Structure and Reactivity of PtNi Bimetallic Catalysts with Redox Treatments at Variable Temperatures, J. Phys. Chem. C, 2011, 115, 20590-20595
[10] Rentao Mu, Qiang Fu,* Hongyang Liu, Dali Tan, Runsheng Zhai and Xinhe Bao,* Reversible Surface Structural Changes in Pt-based Bimetallic Nanoparticles During Oxidation and Reduction Cycles, App. Surf. Sci., 2009, 255, 7296-7301