Gonglab’s 2021 Annual Summing-up Meeting was held today!

Gonglab’s 2021 annual summing-up meeting was held from January 8, 2022 to January 9, 2022. The winners of 2021 are: Scientific research Idea Fountain: Xin Chang (PhD), Gong Zhang (PhD) Logic Talent: Wanyu Deng (PhD), Zheyuan Ding (PhD), Hongbo Song (Master) Science Master: Jiacheng Sun (PhD), Jia Yu (PhD), Chenggong Jiang (Master), Shixuan Zhao (Master) […]

Our paper on copper films for CO2 electroreduction has been featured on Catalysis!

Tuning the facet exposure of Cu could promote the multi-carbon (C2+) products formation in electrocatalytic CO2 reduction. Here we report the design and realization of a dynamic deposition-etch-bombardment method for Cu(100) facets control without using capping agents and polymer binders. The synthesized Cu(100)-rich films lead to a high Faradaic efficiency of 86.5% and a full-cell electricity […]

Wanyu’s paper on the effect of bicarbonate for CO2 Electroreduction is highlighted by EurekAlert (AAAS)!

CO2 electroreduction (CO2 ER) using renewable energy is ideal for mitigating the greenhouse effect and closing the carbon cycle. Bicarbonate (HCO3−) is most commonly employed as the electrolyte anion because it is known to facilitate CO2 ER. However, its dynamics in the electric double layer remains obscure and requires more in-depth investigation. Herein, we investigate the refined reduction process of bicarbonate by employing in situattenuated total […]

The First “Future Cup” Football Match of Gonglab

On June 26, 2021, the first “Future Cup” football match of Gonglab was held at the north stadium. Teachers and students were randomly divided into two teams, led by Prof. Gong and Prof. Zhang, respectively. The members in the team of Prof. Gong are Ran Luo, Bin Liu, Hao Dong, Xianghong Li, Chengjie Zhao, Zunrong […]

The Sports Tests of Graduates

To strengthen the students’ physique and the awareness of physical exercise, the sports tests were taken before the graduates left Gonglab. On June 21, 2021, Gonglab held the sports tests. A teacher, Peng Zhang and a doctoral student, Xianhui Wang acted as referees. The sports and personal goals are listed as follows.

A Friendly Basketball Match Between Ma’s Group and Gonglab

On June 6, 2021, Ma’s group (C1 Chemistry & Technology Laboratory) and Gonglab (Energy & Catalysis Adventure Team) held a basketball match. At 5:30 p.m., the game started and lasted about 45 minutes. In the end, Gonglab won by a nose. We shook hands and discussed about the next game.

Five Doctoral Candidates Passed Their Dissertation Defense Today!

Huimin Li, Bin Liu, Xianhua Zhang, Chengsheng Yang, and Guodong Sun passed their dissertation defense today. Congrats! List of the thesis titles: Huimin Li: Targeted Control and Effective Utillization of Charge Carriers in Silicon PhotocathodeBin Liu: Rational Design of Si-based Photoelectrodes and Exploration of their Performance in Artificial Photosynthesiss Xianhua Zhang: Design of Oxygen Carriers […]