Prof. Yijin Kang visited our lab!

Yijin Kang studied chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania under supervision of Prof. Christopher Murray, after a short industrial experience at Global Research, General Electric. He received his Ph.D. in 2012. From 2012 to 2015, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Argonne National Laboratory (USA), with Dr. Vojislav Stamenkovic and Dr. Nenad Markovic. […]

Congratulate Wenjin Zhu on winning 2018 Students Science Award!

This award set by Tianjin University is regarded as Nobel Prize for students (Annually elect ~2 among ~10000 master students), aiming to award students with outstanding academic or research output and encourage more students to be creative and progressive. Wenjin entered Gonglab as a recommended postgraduate (TOP 5%) since 2016 and behaved impressively on scientific […]

Energy Environ. Sci.:Photoelectrochemical CO2 Reduction to Adjustable Syngas on Grain-boundary-mediated a-Si/TiO2/Au Photocathodes with Low Onset Potentials

Photoelectrochemical (PEC) CO2 reduction reaction (CRR) in aqueous medium is among the most promising methods to produce renewable fuel with solar and water as the energy and electron source. But the high negative bias remains a prerequisite to achieve an appreciable conversion at present due to the large overpotential of CO2 reduction. This communication describes […]

Dr. Jinxun Liu visited our lab!

Dr. Jinxun Liu, from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, visited our lab today. He gave an IRCE2 Lecture named The Theoretical Study of the Activity of Nano-catalyst. He uses density functional theory based on quantum mechanics and massively parallel computing to research the catalytic reactions which have national strategic significance. In view of the […]

Angew Chem: Tuning Cu/Cu2O Interfaces for Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Methanol in Aqueous Solutions

Artificial photosynthesis can store solar energy and reduce CO2 into fuels to potentially alleviate global warming and energy crisis. Compared to gas products, it remains a grand challenge to tune the product distribution of artificial photosynthesis to liquid fuels, such as CH3OH, that are suitable for storage and transport. This paper describes the introduction of […]

Prof. Liang-Shih Fan visited our lab!

Prof. Liang-Shih Fan, from the The Ohio State University, visited our lab today. He gave an IRCE2 Lecture named Metal Oxide Reaction Engineering and Chemical Looping Technology for Fossil Energy Conversion。 Metal oxide composites are enabling materials in a variety of energy conversion systems such as solid oxide fuel cells, ionic transport membranes, solar cells, […]

Nat Commun: Breaking the Scaling Relationship via Thermally Stable Pt/Cu Single Atom Alloys for Catalytic Dehydrogenation

Due to the existence of scaling properties of adsorption energies on transition metal surfaces, the enhancement of the catalytic activity is frequently accompanied by side reactions leading to a reduction in selectivity for the target product. Herein, by systematically screening Pt alloy materials using density functional theory calculations, we developed an approach to breaking the […]

Prof. Notker Rösch visited our lab!

Prof. Notker Rösch, from the Institute of High Performance Computing of the Agency of Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), visited our lab today. He gave an IRCE2 Lecture named Reduced Centers of the MoVOx Catalyst for Hydrocarbon Oxidation. To Localize or not to Localize, That is the Question. Professor Notker Rösch is the head of […]