Welcome our freshmen

We are excited to welcome 27 new graduate students to the Energy & Catalysis Adventure Team. They are Dongfang Cheng, Engr.Bilal Fareed, Hui Gao, Zichen Gong, Hui Ke, Zhuo Li, Xiaoyun Lin, Yan Lin, Zhenpu Lu, Ran Luo, Jian Qin, Mingxue Shi, Zi Shi, Shijia Sun, Qingzhen Wang, Tianzuo Wang, Yang Wang, Yongtao Wang, Zhongyan Wang, Bo […]

Welcome the Joule editors Rose Zhu and Brandon Sutherland to visit our lab!

Rose Zhu and Brandon Sutherland, from Joule, visited our lab today. They gave an IRCE2 Lecture named Energy Research & High Impact Publishing in Joule. Dr. Rose Zhu(朱昌荣) is the Associate Editor for Joule based out of Shanghai office. She started her Ph.D. study at Nanyang Technological University (NTU, Singapore) under Prof. Hong Jin FAN in […]

Prof. Anton P.J. Middelberg visited our lab!

Prof. Anton P.J. Middelberg, from The University of Adelaide, visited our lab today. He gave an IRCE2 Lecture named Bio-inspired Approaches to Interfacial Chemical Engineering. Professor Anton Middelberg is the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences at The University of Adelaide. Prior to this he was Pro Vice Chancellor (Research and […]

Nanostructured NiFe (Oxy)hydroxide with Easily Oxidized Ni Towards Efficient Oxygen Evolution Reaction

Water splits into hydrogen and oxygen electrochemically is one of the most promising strategies for the utilization and storage of solar energy. However, oxygen evolution reaction (OER) with sluggish kinetics hinders its larger-scale application. NiFe-based catalysts are one of the most efficient oxygen evolution catalysts (OECs). High-valence Ni is considered as active site or conductive […]

Prof. Gong is elected as a vice chair for Gordon Research Conference for Green Chemistry.

Congratulations! Prof. Gong is elected as a vice chair for Gordon Research Conference for Green Chemistry. Gordon Research Conferences are a group of prestigious international scientific conferences organized by a non-profit organization of the same name. The conference topics cover frontier research in the biological, chemical, and physical sciences, and their related technologies. The conferences have been held since 1931, and have expanded to […]

Prof. Lynden Archer visited our lab !

Prof. Lynden Archer, from Cornell University, visited our lab today. He gave an IRCE2 Lecture named Electrodeposition of Reactive Metals in Structured Electrolytes: Electrokinetics and Stability. Lynden Archer is the James A Friend Family Distinguished Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Director of the Cornell Energy Systems Institute. His research focuses on transport properties of […]

Low-Coordinated Edge Sites on Ultrathin Palladium Nanosheets Boost CO2 Electroreduction Performance

Electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) to value-added products is a promising way to solve CO2 emission problems. Thanks to the eminent conductivity and proper adsorption to intermediates, palladium has become a promising candidate for CO2 electroreduction (CO2ER). However, Pd-based nanocatalysts generally need a large overpotential to overcome energy barriers in generating highly selective products […]

Prof. Yue Wu visited our lab !

Prof. Yue Wu, from Iowa State University, visited our lab today. He gave an IRCE2 Lecture named Tuning Electrical and Thermal Properties in Nanostructured Materials. Prof. Yue Wu joined Iowa State University as the Herbert L. Stiles Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering in summer 2014. He obtained his B.S. degree in Chemistry at the […]

Subsurface Catalysis-mediated Selectivity of Dehydrogenation Reaction

Progress in heterogeneous catalysis is often hampered by the difficulties of constructing active architecture and understanding reaction mechanism at molecular level due to the structural complexity of practical catalysts, in particular for multicomponent catalysts. Although surface science experiment and theoretical simulation help understand the detailed reaction mechanisms over model systems, the direct study of the […]