Welcome new students to join our lab!

Welcome new students to join our lab! Master students: Shixuan Zhao, Tingting Yang, Xiaozhi Li, Lili Zhang, Yuan Chen, Guan Li, Xiaowei Du, Yanglang Li. PhD students: Peipei Jia, Chujun Wang, Zheyuan Ding, Shican Wu, Yixian Wang, Chaoxi Wang, Pingping Wei.

Seven Graduate Students Passed Their Thesis Defense Today!

Hao Tian, Xintong Yuan, Yufei Xie, Sihang Liu, Zhiqiang Chen, Rui Liu and Hongfang Li passed their dissertation defense today. Congrats! List of the thesis titles: Hao Tian: Mechanistic Investigations on Metal-Support Interaction of Ni-based Catalysts for Ethanol Steam Reforming Xintong Yuan: Design and Performance of Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction Catalysts Yufei Xie: Support Effects on the […]

JACS: FeO6 Octahedral Distortion Activates Lattice Oxygen in Perovskite Ferrite

Modulating lattice oxygen in metal oxides that conducts partial oxidation of methane in balancing C-H activation and syngas selectivity remains challenging. This paper describes the discovery of distorting FeO6 octahedra in La1-xCexFeO3 (x=0, 0.25 0.5, 0.75, 1) orthorhombic perovskites for the promotion of lattice oxygen activation. By combined electrical conductivity relaxation (ECR) measurements and density […]

JACS: Grain-Boundary-Rich Copper for ECR

The grain boundary in copper-based electrocatalysts has been demonstrated to improve the selectivity of solar-driven electrochemical CO2 reduction towards multi-carbon products. However, the approach to form grain boundaries in copper is still limited. This paper describes a controllable grain growth of copper electrodeposition via poly (vinylpyrrolidone) used as an additive. A grain-boundary-rich metallic copper could […]

Chen Sai and Xintong win 2019 Research Stars of Gonglab

Gonglab’s 2019 Annual Summing-up Meeting was held today. The winners of 2019 are: Research Star of Gonglab: Sai Chen (PhD) Xintong Yuan (Master) Best Newcommer: Jia Yu, Hongbo Song 2nd Prize of Research Stars: Bin Liu, Chengsheng Yang and Shuai Wang 3rd Prize of Research Stars: Wanyu Deng, Yanan Wang, Rui Liu and Lulu Li Natrual […]

Professor Gong won second prize of the State Natural Science Award!

On January 10, 2020, 2020 National Science and Technology Awards Conference was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Professor Gong, as the first person, won second prize of the State Natural Science Award for “Research on the Method and Mechanism of Heterogeneous Catalyst Structure Defect Regulation”. The State Science and Technology […]

Welcome Asso. Prof. Jingkun Li to join our lab

Welcome Asso. Prof. Jingkun Li to join our lab! Dr. Li’s research interest is in electrocatalysis for energy storage and conversion systems, using operando characterizations (e.g. XAS, XES, Mössbauer and TEM) to study the active site structures, reaction mechanisms and electrode-electrolyte interfaces under working conditions, and she is willing to share his research experience with our […]